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by | Dec 29, 2017

The Pictures Above

The pictures that are shown above are the winners of the 2018 Photo Contest and will change on a monthly basis. You too can have your masterpiece posted here by entering the 2019 Photo Contest in September.


Please let me introduce myself, I am the 2019 President of the Austin Pond Society. I am looking forward to a great year of fun, friendship, and continued education and learning about Ponds, Plants, Gardens and Water Gardening!
I attended my first APS membership meeting in 2012 as we had recently moved to the Austin area and our yard had a small pond. I knew I needed guidance on how to care for my new pond. I soon found out that the Austin Pond Society was exactly what I needed! The Austin Pond Society was helpful, informational, and very welcoming to ponders of all levels and experience.
In the past 4 ½ years I have held the position of Programs and Special Events and this year, I have been elected to the position as the 2019 Austin Pond Society President.
We have new and returning members on our Board of Directors and Volunteer positions. I am looking forward to working with all of them. I also am looking forward to seeing many new and returning APS members!
On a personal note, I am an Austin area realtor with JP & Associates, Realtors. With almost 10 years’ experience as a Realtor, in the Austin area,
I feel grateful and honored to help so many clients and friends buy and sell their homes! On that same note, I am also very proud to be a Sponsor of the Austin Pond Society.
I am married, I have 2 grown “kids” and 6 grandchildren living in Cedar Park and Upstate NY.

Feel free to email me at president@austinpondsociety.org

Let’s have a great year!
Barb Lenhardt, APS President.


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Do You Like to Cook?

The only position not yet filled for this upcoming year is, some would say, arguably if not the most important, definitely the most popular person as the Hospitality Volunteer. If you enjoy to cook, not only do get to practice your art once a month but you do it with someone else’s money. If you would like to know more about this position, use the button below to contact Steven,the outgoing hospitality guru who has performed this role for the last couple of years. Thanks



NOTE: The next meeting of APS is on Monday, April 15 at the usual meeting place, Zilker Botanical Gardens. There will not be a Speaker.

This meeting is our Annual Plant Swap when our Members bring in their surplus pond and garden plants to exchange or give away to the other Members.

The one stipulation for participating is that you must take any surplus plants back home with you if they are not taken by other members. . You cannot just bring them and then leave them.

Darren Bayhi will be demonstrating “How to Re-pot a Water Lily” so if you have never done this before, now is a good time to learn. Much cheaper than buying new lilies every year. When it eventually blooms, you can look upon that beautiful Lily in your pond with some pride knowing that you helped it get its start.

Incidentally, if you arrive early, around 6:00 pm and volunteer to help set up and at the end of the evening, take down the Plant Swap equipment, you get a ticket which will allow you to be the first in line to grab that lily or special plant that your really want and have set your heart on..

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm with a light meal. Members are encouraged to bring covered dishes and/or deserts. Hope to see you there.


The following are a peek of the upcoming Speakers and Programs for the next few months. More details as we get closer.

April –
Plant Swap and “ How to Replant Waterlilies” – Darren Bayhi

“Monarch Butterflies” – Katie Boyer from
US Fish and Wildlife

“2019 Pond Tour Review” – Pond Owners

Member Forum – “Building Your Own Pond”

Come and Meet a Friend...

I had a very interesting visitor to my ponds yesterday. This one was about 4 feet tall with a 5 feet wingspan and was a beautiful blue-grey color. He was not a welcome visitor but that didn’t seem to phase him one little bit.

I have put together a video of his/her time that was spent in my ponds yesterday morning. The video is not of the greatest quality as it is made up of 7 separate videos that I got from the surveillance cameras of which I have 4 scattered around the yard and pointing at the ponds. These cameras only record in 2 minute increments and are motion driven which quite literally means anything that moves be it wind, water, waterfalls, decorative fountains and the like and includes me, when I am out there and of course, the dogs. The very first set of pictures is from a camera that is going bad and needs changing out hence the black and white effect. The rest show the heron in all of its glorious color.

The black and white picture is of a pond that used to be joined together to the pond in the color pictures that follow before I rebuilt it making it 4 feet deep. Way too deep for the heron to jump in which is probably why he moved quickly to the adjoining pond where the water is only 2 feet or less deep making it easy for him to wade around at his leisure as you can see from the video.

It is not clear just how many fish it managed to eat but judging from the absence of goldfish in the pond, I would say that he got quite a few. They could be hiding out and may appear in one’s and two’s later on but I am not holding my breath. There are still 7-8 12 plus inch Koi which is about what were there before so I imagine that he left them because they present a more difficult eating/swallowing problem than do the much smaller goldfish. We will just have to wait and see if when he returns. I keep calling it a “He” but truthfully, I have no idea if it is male or female and I have not read of any differing characteristics.

Stay tuned as I’m quite sure he will be back. Where were the dogs, you might ask. Probably curled up with me in bed and even if they heard anything were way too comfortable to be bothered with it.

To watch the video CLICK ON THIS LINK


You might be interested in a new idea that we are kicking around where as individuals, we can help out our fellow Ponders in times of need. Because maintaining a pond is fairly specialized, it is not easy to find someone to look after the pond if you as the pond owner, want to take a trip and be away for a few days. It would be doubly nice if you knew that person is also handy enough to make any small repairs that might be needed and it would certainly give you peace of mind during your absence. Read more here on Pondsitting.


Are you thinking of rebuilding your pond or maybe starting a new one? There are several used pond items for sale that could give you a good start and at a lot cheaper price than buying new. Skimmers, filter boxes, waterfall boxes and such do not wear out and a used item is every bit as good as a new piece for less than half of the price. Use this link to review the items available.


We sometimes get requests from pond enthusiasts who for various reasons, are no longer able to take care of their ponds and water features and are looking to shut down the ponds and rehome the fish. We have a very organized crew of volunteers with all of the equipment needed to perform this task. We also find new homes for the fish among our members as we have learned by experience that there is no sale for these fish regardless of the pedigree. If you have the need for this service, use the link to learn more about it

The Austin Pond Society 25th Pond Tour

Use this link for the Pond Tour Application.
Show off your pond on the 25th Pond Tour. Once again, the Austin Pond Society is having our charity event, The Pond Tour, for the 25th time on June 1 and June 2, 2019. Participate in making this another memorable tour.
If you are a pond owner and have not been on the tour in the last 3 years, consider putting your pond on the tour this year. We are keeping the number of ponds small so visitors have more time to take in the beauty of your gardens and ponds. To be one of the ponds on this anniversary tour fill out the Pond Tour Application
The Pond Tour Committee is the team which works for the success of the tour. There are many positions open and we welcome new talent to help create a great tour. The committee will decide the charity and is responsible for the tour theme, T-shirt logo, and advertisements. We meet at 6:00 before the Pond Society meeting. Come join us, it’s a bit of work, but not too muddy and you will get the T-shirt.
If you have questions about the tour, email me at Pond Tour.

With your help, the 25th Austin Pond Tour 2019 will be a lot of fun and great success.
Ted Paone
Pond Tour Director 2019
Ted Paone Pond Tour

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Austin Pond Society and Mayfield Park

Work on renovating two of the ponds at Mayfield Park has been completed and all of the ponds have been cleaned the plants repotted. Currently, all that remains is to perform ongoing maintenance work with the plants about every couple of weeks. All of the ponds have been restocked with Koi some of which are pretty big, thanks to our Fish Rescue Team.

If you would like more information, please Contact Jeannie Ferrier at jf1958@aol.com


OUR LIBRARIAN is Holly Hargraves.

You can reach her at librarian@austinpondsociety.org


The Austin Pond Society has invested in a new pond vacuum that is available for Members to rent. There is also a 125 gallon holding tank that can be rented on a weekly basis. Click on the image for details



Do you have any used pond or garden equipment laying around that you would like to sell, swap or give away?


Upon completion of the form required to describe the objects, the articles will be posted on the website. They will sell quicker if you have pictures showing your articles. Please note: Any dealings that take place are between the seller and the buyer. Please read the full disclaimer posted on the Marketplace page. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FORM