Pond Sitters

Mayfield Park

Keeping a Pond in your backyard regardless of the size, requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge both in the construction, maintenance and care of the fish and plants that call the place home. After a couple of years, we all begin to feel comfortable in handling the day to day problems that sometimes arise. Not everyone can change out a pump or solve a problem with filters and UV lights but there  are a goodly number of the Membership that are quite capable of completing any of those tasks and many similar ones. Maybe you are one of those handy people? Even if you are not, you can certainly feed fish and change out filters on a daily basis and if a problem was to arise, a quick call to Ellen and she could contact one of the more knowledgeable members to come and help.

You might be interested in a new idea that we are kicking around where as individuals, we can help out our fellow Ponders in times of need. Because maintaining a pond is fairly specialized, it is not easy to find someone to look after the pond if you as the pond owner, want to take a trip and be away for a few days. It would be doubly nice if you knew that person is also handy enough to make any small repairs that might be needed and it would certainly give you peace of mind during your absence.

What we are trying to do is to find Members who would volunteer their time to help out others who want to leave on a trip and be away from their ponds for a a few days.  Ideally, we need several people who are located in different parts of the town and even in the outlying neighborhoods like Bastrop, Round Rock and Georgetown so that the amount of travelling by the volunteers is kept to a minimum.

There are two parts to this, the first being to volunteer and be added to the list of available Pond Sitters. That list will be maintained by Ellen Filtness and she can be reached at pondsitting@austinpondsociety.org

The second part is to ask for your comments if you foresee the need for such a service to you personally in the near or distant future. Maybe, like me, you keep putting off that trip because of the water features that are your pride and joy and the wonderful large Koi that you have raised and that you worry about as you have no knowledgeable person to look after them. I know that even an overnight trip is a worry as invariably, if something is going to go wrong, it seems to happens overnight and it would certainly ease the mind knowing that you have a competent person looking after things in your absence. Depending on the response, will decide if we will go ahead with this idea. If you foresee the need or want to volunteer, please fill in one of the short forms below and submit it to Ellen.

Austin Pond Society Meeting June 6-18-2018


The third Monday of the month rolled around just as it is supposed to and with it, the Austin Pond Society held their monthly meeting at the usual place, Zilker Botanical Gardens. This meeting was just a little different as instead of a Speaker, we opted to take a Tour of the beautiful facilities that we call home.


We met as we usually do in the Zilker Meeting Room and were treated to Fried Chicken with all of the fixin’s accompanied with sides and deserts supplied by the members which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Following the meal, Barb Reinhardt,  who was filling in for Jeannie Ferrier, the President who was away on personal business, introduced four new members and then held a brief Q and A prior to everyone joining the three Docents who had so very kindly volunteered to show us around. (more…)

Austin Pond Society April Meeting 2018

The Austin Pond Society held it’s April Meeting at the same place and same time this past Monday, April 16, 6:30 pm at Zilker Botanical Gardens Clubhouse. It was attended by a little over forty members which was not surprising as this meeting was the Annual Plant Swap. This always nurtures a lot of interest as the members bring in their unwanted plants to exchange for others of a different variety. In theory, you had to bring in plants in order to be eligible to swap for other plants but in reality, there are always so many plants left over at the end of the meeting that it didn’t matter if you had plants of your own or not. The donating members didn’t care as they would have to take them back home if they didn’t exchange hands.

The food for the evening was the good old American staple, namely hot dogs with all of the fixin’s and deserts provided by the members. Yours truly made do with a bag of chips and several cookies as I don’t eat hot dogs. Following the meal, Jeannie, our President got right into announcements and the small bit of business that needed to be done. She was followed by Barb as the Special Events Organizer who explained to the group the rules of the Plant Swap. As usual, the volunteers who had arrived early and had helped with the set up all went early as they had have first dibs. They were given about five minutes to grab whatever they fancied before the rest of the ticket holders rushed out to fight over whatever remained. They were followed by those without tickets to hopefully grab all that was left to save the donators having to take them back home. Incidentally, the tickets signified that you actually had contributed something in the way of plants or fish. I opted to not donate anything this year as the few remaining plants that I have at home will be used in my own ponds. This did give me more time on taking the pictures and videos so it had some positives.

The swap went very quickly and the meeting was over by 7:30 pm with even the cleanup completed. This has to be one of the fastest meetings on record.

The next meeting will be held on May 21 at the Austin Aquadome. More details to follow. The three videos that I made are below.

The first is entitled 2018 April Business.

and the second is the Annual Plant Swap live.

The last is a slideshow to music of all of the pictures that I took

Written 4/25/2018