Board Members for 2019

For a link to the ByLaws
With the rewriting of the ByLaws this year,the makeup of the Board has changed a little as positions have been moved around or removed.
Under the Revised ByLaws, the Board is made up of three Officers, President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Parliamentarian position has been eliminated and the President can appoint one as needed..
The revised ByLaws allow for up to six Directors with the Board having the ability to decide on an annual basis, which Directors to appoint for the upcoming year. The positions selected for 2019 are as follows: Membership, Programs and Special Events, Public Relations, Pond Tour Director, Historian/Photographer/AKCA Rep and a new position named Sponsors.
There are currently three Volunteer positions, Hospitality, Webmaster and Librarian. These are appointed positions and are non voting. Neither are they required to attend the Board Meetings.
In actuality, ALL positions are open and in the case of competing nominations, the representative will be chosen by a vote from the floor.
Note: Board Meetings are held the second Monday of the Month at Zilker Gardens Meeting Room. Any registered Member can attend.


We Need Volunteers

We are short in several positions on the Board without which, we will not be able to operate at 100%. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, contact Nancy Reinert at


Julienne Smith is the current Secretary and has been for the past eight years. The Austin Pond Society is very grateful for her dedication to the cause and for her many years of service.


The President. (VACANT)
The President. (VACANT)
The President. (VACANT)
The President. (VACANT)
The President. (VACANT)


Treasurer. (VACANT)
Treasurer. (VACANT)
Treasurer. (VACANT)
Treasurer. (VACANT)
Treasurer. (VACANT)
Treasurer. (VACANT)


Programs/Special Events

Barbara Lenhardt is our current Programs/Special Events person and will continue on for the following year. She arranges the Speakers and Events at the meetings.

Historian/Photos,AKCA Rep

Glen Hubenthal is continuing on in his role as the Official Photographer and Historian for the Association

Sponsors – Vacant

This is a new position and probably one of the most difficult as we rely on our club sponsors for so many things.


Nancy Hall has graciously chosen to run again as our Publicity person. She post articles on Facebook and other publications around town of important events.


Margaret Boeneke has switched from Librarian to Membership and is attempting to bring our Membership system into the 21st Century with the introduction of a new software system.

Pond Tour Chairman – Vacant

This is a very important position as without this person, we do not hold a Pond Tour


Hospitality – Vacant

This person is the most popular person in the club as they provide us with the delicious food every month.


Frank has consented to carry on at least for one more year…

Librarian – Vacant

This person is in charge of our Library and bringing in the books to the meetings for the members to check out every month.

Sponsor Page- Barb Lenhardt, Realtor

Looking for a new home or want to sell your old one. Contact Barb Lenhardt and she will help you find the home of your dreams.You can reach her by phone at (512) 820-8210 or by email at

You can reach her website here or click on the Business Card above..

8405 Siskin Cove – Click on the picture for a link to the slide-show

186 Trail Rider Way – This beautiful house is for lease. Click on the picture for a link to the slide show.


Deborah Drive – Just Sold

503 Swanee – Just Sold

The map above represents all of the properties that Barb Lenhardt has recently sold. If you are looking to sell your property or are in the market for a new house, please contact her at (512) 820-8210 or



She did a great job !
• On a 1-10 scale ~ ” She was awesome! I would give her a 20 if I could. She 100% was above and beyond, patient, professional. She always made me feel like everything was under control. It was great working with her ! “
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
She was awesome !

Local knowledge: 5 stars; a great resource
Process expertise: 5 stars; helped us along every step of the way.
Responsiveness: 5 stars; always available.
Negotiation skills: 5 stars
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 Stars!

“Barb was on top of everything quickly. Our house sold in 4 days”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sold in 4 days!

I would give her a 13
“I would give her a 13! She is the best realtor I have probably ever worked with. I even went on Facebook to tell the whole world how wonderful she is. She went above and beyond and way always positive. She met with us day and night. She just did everything she could to make it a positive experience. ” E & J
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I would give her a 13.

Lou Cuneo
Barbara has been a close family friend for about 10 year now and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to patiently help my family with Real Estate needs. I have been considering selling or leasing my condo to buy a bigger home for my growing family. This has been a long process and Barbara has never rushed me or tried to move the process along faster. As a salesperson myself, there is nothing I dislike more than a pushy salesperson with their own agenda as priority. Barbara has been very patient and understanding throughout this long decision process. I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, patient, and caring professional.

We had tried to sell our home before and she sold it in four days. She also helped with the purchase of our home and we basically only had 15 days to find a new place. We looked at the home the day it went on the market and we able to get it although there were others interested. She did a great job.” L & K
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
She did a great job!

Ordering 2019 Calendar

Austin Pond Society August 2018 Meeting

After being away from our home location for the past two meetings, the Austin Pond Society was very happy to return to what we consider to be our home base, Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas. The first things I noticed upon our return was the Photographic Art that adorned the walls, showings from one our local Photographic Artists,

This was our monthly meeting for August. We had originally lined up a Speaker but he had to cancel at not quite the last minute as we had time to line up a different event. This time, we held our Swap, Buy and Sell meeting where the owners brought in their used equipment in the hope of moving it along to others who may have the need. There were also many plants both for sale and free and one Member brought in a bunch of baby Koi that he was giving away.

For the first time, there was quite a bit of duplicate pond equipment such as skimmer boxes, filter boxes and such with no less than three owners having similar items on their tables. Some of the equipment was brand new and still in the box as in the case of Member Mike Peppar who purchased the items with a view of DIY pond and then ended up contracting it out to one of the many reputable pond builders in the area.


I counted thirty four members at the meeting all who appeared to enjoy themselves. The meal was the good old American standby, namely hot dogs with all of the fixins and there was plenty to go round including deserts brought in by the members.

The Business section of the meeting comprised of two major items. Ellen Filtness has come up with the idea that has been named Pondsitters. Basically what it is is a service provided by the current members to help one another out on a volunteer basis either in Emergencies or when the owner want or needs to go away for a few days and the volunteer would act as the Pond sitter in the time the owner is gone. She explained the idea to everyone and it is currently posted in a lot more detail on the APS Website. Great idea for those of us that do not have anyone to look after our ponds and need to take that trip. If you are interested either as a volunteer to Pondsitters or have the need for such a service down the road use this link for more information.

The second item was the presentation of the revised bylaws after a couple of months of hard work by Margaret, Jeannie, Julie and Frank working on the Revisions with Nancy Reinhardt as Chair of this project. Nancy presented it to the floor for it to be voted on as the new APS Bylaws. There was some discussion over one item to do with the number of Directors but Julie suggested a simple change of verbiage which was accepted by the Members who then proceeded to pass both measures. We should be good for at least 4-5 years without having to make further revisions. That was the last of the major business and the Swap and Sell opened to the floor. I would like to say it was a roaring success but I don’t believe it was. I sold some small items and made the grand total of $27 but there did not seem to be anyone with a pond building project in their futures so none of the major equipment that was offered by three of us, sold.

The plants and fish went well and their seemed to be a steady stream of buyers for the plants which were located outside because many of them are water plants and we did not want to mess up the floors.

The evening finally wound down and by 8:00 pm. nearly everybody had left. The next meeting is on September 17th and will be our Sponsors Night when we dedicate the entire evening to our wonderful Sponsors. Hope to see you there.

APS August Meeting 2018 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.


Written 8/20/2018

Pond Sitters

Mayfield Park –

Keeping a Pond in your backyard regardless of the size, requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge both in the construction, maintenance and care of the fish and plants that call the place home. After a couple of years, we all begin to feel comfortable in handling the day to day problems that sometimes arise. (more…)