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Tips from Leaf Garden Supply

Tips from Leaf Garden Supply

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We have compiled different blogs that we think are helpful and will provide information on how others have dealt with their particular situations. Take a look and I am sure you can find the answer here.

They include the following. You can click on them to be taken to their page. We will keep adding to the list as we find useful information.

How to care for pond plants
Rebuilding the bog by Jake and Nancy
BJ and Sam’s Pond
Pond Care by Emerald Gardens
Julienne Smith’s Blog Clean out
Using Barley Straw in your pond

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How to Care for Pond Plants – from February Ripples 2015

Publication February 2015

How To Care for Pond Plants


How to Care for Pond Plants - Page 2

How to Care for Pond Plants - Page 3


We have a very extensive library covering the whole gamut of books related to ponds, ponding, pond vegetation, fish, building a pond and on and on. You can borrow any of these books by filling out a form at the meeting. There is no charge. Our Librarian is Betty Blackstone and you can reach her at this link. Librarian@austinpondsociety.org.

To view a list of available books, use this APS Library 2015 link.

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