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So You Want to Become a Sponsor

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To print this form, right click the image and choose “Save Image as” and then save it to your desktop (or any other folder of your choice) which will convert it to a JPG. From there, right click again and select the print option. Fill it out and either bring it with you to a meeting or mail it back to the address listed on the form. You could also scan it and then attach it to an e-mail to Jeannie Ferrier

To fill out a form on-line use this link. Be sure to save after you fill it out.




Below are listed some of the Austin Pond Society assets. They include 3 Pond-o-Vacs, A 125 gallon tank with a lid that can be used as a temporary holding tank and a very extensive Library of Water Gardening Books.

Also listed are the several forms required to join the Society, become a Pond Tour participant and to become a Sponsor. These forms are also closely associated with the Shop section of the site.

On this side are links to the Equipment Rental and Library

Holding Tank and Cover

On this side are links to the various forms available

Pond Tour Application Form
Membership Form
2015 Sponsor Application Form

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