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On Saturday, May 9th members of the Austin Pond Society are invited on a treasure hunt in which we will visit two separate ponds, visit one of our wonderful sponsors with a plant and garden center and end up at another members house for hot dogs.

Below is the plan.

We will meet at 12:45 in the Planet Fitness/ Good Will parking lot at the intersection of 290 West and Highway 71 otherwise know as the “Y at Oak Hill”.

Look for Jeannie who will be somewhere in the parking lot for your first clue. As this is not a race, plan on leaving from the parking lot around 1 pm.

You might want to bring a camera and a GPS system in your car or on your smart phone will be a big help for the trip.Family members are welcome but please, no pets.

Please bring something to write with, as you will be looking for landmarks on our adventure.

Our trip will be about 35 miles. Feel free to car pool from the “Y”..

First leg will be about 11 miles.

Second about 3 miles.

Third will be about 11 miles.

Fourth will be about 15 miles at which hot dogs will be served as a reward for completing the trip. Feel free to bring an ice chest and dish for the end of our adventure.

My cell number is   (512)775-0707    if you get lost. You can call or text me.

Please send me an email so I know how many flyers to print out. See you Saturday May 9 in the “Y” parking lot. Thanks so much.

Jeannie    jf1958@aol.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]