N1 Alicia & Paul
200 Hidden Bear Rd., Liberty Hill  78642

Highlights: 2015 KLRU Central Texas Gardener featured pond, beautiful rock-work, greenhouse, creek, rainwater harvesting, goats, owner-built

This property is definitely worth a trip to the country. The pond is nestled under cedar trees, providing a shady place to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on a hot summer day. Alicia loves to “rescue” interesting rocks and has used them in the pond landscape and to build hundreds of feet of rock walls. Kids love seeing the goats that have their own stylish house to shelter them from the elements. There is a relaxing conversation area and new swimming hole at the rear of the property. Water for use in the house and landscape comes from the rainwater harvesting system.

N2 John & Denise
109 Marcos Dr., Georgetown  78628

Highlights: First time on tour, three disappearing streams, two bubbling boulders, Certified Wildlife Habitat, owner-built

This three-acre site showcases disappearing streams. At the front of the home is a rustic barrel water feature and a stream that flows through peach-colored stone from the front of the home and disappears under a large urn. On the right in the side yard, there is another urn and a little bubbling brook. At the rear is a truly amazing stream with a waterfall and two limestone boulders that are also water features; this stream runs for about 50 feet before it disappears. The area is surrounded by flagstone walkways and is totally planted with natives. The owner has installed a copper ionization system that keeps the streams crystal clear.

N3 Betty & Gerald
18009 North Rim Dr., Leander  78641

Highlights: On Central Texas Gardener in 2011, first time on tour, three ponds, cascading stream, fabulous Hill Country view, built by

There is a gorgeous view of the canyon from this yard. (It would be of Lake Travis if the water level was higher). The top pond appears to be filled by overflow from the pool and cascades to the second pond, which drops down a steep stream to the lowest pond nestled in the rocky outcropping. Gorgeous yellow, purple and pink water lilies bloom in the top two ponds while goldfish swim happily in the lowest one. The patio around the pool provides a wonderful place to relax and unwind while enjoying the beautiful flowering plants. Down the path beyond the pool is a surprise – a hidden golf practice cage with a fabulous view!

N4 Sherry & Hugh
1219 Red Ranch Circle, Cedar Park  78613

Highlights: First time on tour, disappearing fountain, bog pool, owner-built

This yard is the perfect example of pond owners who started small and expanded. Sherry and Hugh began with a disappearing fountain in the middle of the back yard and decided they really wanted a pond. An overturned urn spills water into a stream that empties into the new 1,500-gallon pond that is home to lilies, goldfish and koi. The old disappearing fountain basin has been transformed into a bog garden, and a new disappearing fountain has been located closer to the house. This garden contains some great ideas for expanding a water feature without overdoing it.

N5 Gary & Lynne
505 Cedar Park Dr., Cedar Park  78613

Highlights: On Central Texas Gardener in 2012, four ponds, waterfall, lotus, art and sculpture pieces, owner-built

There are more than ten water features and ponds in this garden. At the back of the home, an oval stock tanks overflow with healthy, beautiful bog plants. At the rear of the yard is a 5,000-gallon pond that the owner built with limestone from the property. A large waterfall is almost hidden by lizard’s tail, iris and canna. The bog garden across the back of the pond blends seamlessly into the irises and other plants within the pond. Be sure to find the water hibiscus – the huge red blooms are spectacular! There is a small pond near the front door that utilizes a rain chain as a water feature. The dwarf goats in the rear yard are always looking to be petted!

N6 Laura & Travis
14805 Cordero Dr., Anderson Mill  78717

Highlights: On Central Texas Gardener in 2014, three ponds, cactus, succulents, parrots, owner-built

Walking into this yard is like entering a tropical garden with ponds, tropical plants, succulents and parrots in the aviary. The “tranquility” pond is dedicated to large fancy goldfish and water lilies. The second “pilfered rock” pond is the largest and displays many large koi. The new pond this year is called “tres laguna” and is home to smaller goldfish. Every inch of this back yard has something to see, so plan on taking it all in. Travis has managed to deter a hungry heron’s fishing habit by using monofilament line suspended over the large pond.

N7 Steve & Janet
9609 Slate Creek Trail, Brushy Creek 78717

Highlights: Last on tour in 2007, owner/pro-built in 2005

Since last on tour, Steve and Janet have transformed the back yard by replacing the pea gravel playscape with paver stone walkway and patio with a hot tub, adding lush landscaping, wood deck and lighting. The spray-in liner pond is maintained by a bottom drain, biological filter and skimmer with external pump. There are water lilies, bog plants, a waterfall and stream,. The fish in the spray-in liner pond were rescued or raised from eggs by the owner! (Don’t you want to know how he does that!?!) The largest fish is named Bob and will gladly eat food from your hand and give you fish kisses.

N8 Margaret  
7112 Black Rock Bend, Brushy Creek 78681

Highlights: Last on tour in 2012, built by Texas Ponds and Water Features

Large oaks surround a shady lawn with a 500-gallon pond forming a perfect backdrop for fern, annuals and native plants. Variegated ivy, fern and impatiens rim the pond. An upper waterfall drops into a six-foot stream and another waterfall gracefully flows into the pond. Margaret’s neighbors tell her they love hearing the soothing sounds of water that brings a sense of peace and relaxation. This beautifully landscaped pond and garden is the perfect size for a lot in the city.

N9 Michelle
425 Southern Cross Dr., TX 45 and I-35  78717

Highlights: First time on tour, bubbling boulder, built by Texas Ponds and Water Features

What a treasure Michelle and her family got when they moved into this house last November. The previous owner lived in the house only two months and hadn’t seen the finished pond before he sold it to Michelle. The sound of this pond is fabulous, emanating from the split waterfall and the water bubbling up through a huge boulder that was found on the property. Goldfish and water lilies populate the pond with lovely plants softening the perimeter. The yard backs to a greenbelt, making this an even more inviting and relaxing place to while away the hours.

N10  St. Louis King of France Church & Rollie (docent)
7601 Burnet Rd., Austin 78757

Highlights: First time on tour, owner-built three times!

This garden, adjacent to the church rectory and first built in 1994, is truly a secret garden. It functions as a meditative area and includes a large shaded deck; all hidden behind fence covered with lattice and Confederate Jasmine, which creeps across the flowerbeds and up 20 feet into the trees. Just imagine the fragrance when it’s all blooming! The pond is nestled in a corner and surrounded by fossil limestone. Koi and goldfish swim below the blooming water lilies. A small waterfall at the back corner adds music to the area and hides the sounds of the street. In the early morning and late afternoon, mourning doves add their soft cooling to these idyllic surroundings.