Tonight the temperature will be 23 degrees, and I’m curled up on the sofa with a raging fire in the fireplace. Outside my lawn is covered with leaves, winter weeds are sprouting in the gardens, and the pond is a mess! Oh, right, the water is clear, but I think the water-lily pads are rotting away and adding tannins to it. Some of the plants that covered the surface are now mushy and brown, and even the papyrus looks bad. At this point, I doubt that the garden will ever be beautiful again, but I tell myself that spring will come—soon–and right behind will come our annual pond tour.
I totally understand why when I begin calling pond owners in February and March to ask them to put their ponds on the tour that their first words are usually, “Oh, my pond is such a mess!” But just as surely as spring follows winter, those ponds and gardens will be beautiful again, and we’ll be so happy that it’s warm that being outside undoing winter’s damage will be a joy. Lots of work and effort, but a joy nonetheless.
Maybe this is the year you should consider putting your pond and garden on the tour. Or maybe you have a neighbor that you think can be convinced to share the beauty of their property. Please think about it. The tour will be on June 6 and 7 this year, with North being on Saturday and South/Central on Sunday. The Pond Tour Committee started planning in January, but success depends on having wonderful ponds and gardens to share with visitors so we hope that you’ll think about participating this year. Call or email me for more information on being on the tour or to be one of the Pond Volunteers.  512-629-7825
As a follow-up to the gifts which members contributed at our annual Holiday Party last November, part of the proceeds from this year’s tour will benefit Blue Santa and needy children in the Austin Area. This year the SPLASH! Party will be a brunch at Jeannie’s on the morning of May 30. Volunteers and owners will be given all of the materials needed for the tour and will have the opportunity to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. So even if you can’t put your pond on the tour, volunteer to help out and get your wish list to Santa early.