We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the Members who are giving up their positions on the Board or as in the case of Nancy Reinert, moving from one position to another. We cannot tell them in words just how valuable they have all been in helping this Association become as successful as it is and we thank them profusely for their efforts.Thank You All.

Darren Bayhi is the longest term serving member of the Board and has been in office for 15 years in one capacity or another. Here he is seen talking to Glen Hubenthal whose years of service is almost as long. Darren has been a member since 1997.

Darren Bayhi

B.J. Jenkins has served for seven years in different capacities including Publicity and Pond Tour Director. She plans on taking it easy working in her yard and tending to her ponds. She will still attend the meetings.

B.J. Jenkins

Cynthia Bennett was the Parliamentarian for this past year. She was the one who was always reminding us to “Shut of your phone”

Cynthia Bennett in the red Tee

Betty Blackson served for one year as Librarian. Said she got tired dragging all of those books around.

Betty Blackson

Last but not least, Nancy Reinert has moved from Treasurer to Parliamentarian. She will now be the one telling you “Turn off your phones”.

Nancy Reinert