New Pond Vac

The Yellow Beast Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum -The new pond vacuum has arrived and a new rental form has been written. Rental time is 5 days for $100 with a $300 deposit. Any overages to the 5 days is billed at $50.00 per day email Jeannie Ferrier to make arrangements.

If you need a holding tank to keep your precious Koi and Goldfish in on a temporary basis, APS has one. Members can come pick up this 125 gallon tank. It has a bottom drain. There is a lid that screws on for traveling with water and fish in it. There is also a net lid. The rental cost is $25 a week with a $75 dollar deposit.  If its needed for a second or third week, the additional cost is $15 a week. Great for holding your fish while you clean your pond or fix a leak. It will fit in the back of a small pickup. The renter would need to place a temporary pump in the tank to generate oxygen to keep the fish alive. Contact Jeannie Ferrier to make arrangements.