Entering my Pond on the Tour

You have a choice of filling in the electronic form below and submitting it directly to the Pond Tour Director or you can fill one in at the meeting along with your membership form and check for $30 (3rd Monday of the month at Zilker Botanical Gardens clubhouse at 6:30 pm) where we also accept credit cards.


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Please attach a photograph of your pond(s) with this application. You can load the photos below.

Photos attached. See Message FieldPhotos Mailed

Size of Pond/Gallons
Age of Pond/Years:

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I understand that four volunteers are needed to welcome guests and secure them in advance. I agree

I agree to have my pond(s) on the Austin Society's Pond Tour. I shall hold the Austin Pond Society, its Officers, volunteers and visitors harmless for any and all personal or property loss that may occur on my property during the Tour. I have been informed that membership in the Austin Pond Society will provide insurance coverage during the event.

I agree to the terms stated above


If the answer is "No", your pond will not be accepted.

Please fill out a Membership Form as you must be a member of the Pond Society to be covered by the insurance. Go to "Shop" to join. Be sure to hit "Submit" before leaving this page.

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To print this form, right click the image and choose “Save Image as” and then save it to your desktop (or any other folder of your choice) which will convert it to a JPG. From there, right click again and select the print option. Fill it out and mail it back to the address listed on the form. You could also scan it and then attach it to an e-mail to BJ Jenkins