Photo Contest Rules 2015

pond and cameraWe will be holding our annual calendar photo contest at the October 19th meeting! More details to follow in October.

As usual, there will be 4 categories for photos:
1) Ponds and pond features
2) Fish
3) Wildlife (any insects, amphibians, birds, critters, etc. found around or in our ponds, except fish)
4) Pond Plants

Ideally, photos should be landscape (wider than tall). Portrait photos are harder to position on the page. Any format from 4×6 up to 8×10 will be accepted. You may only submit one photo per category and there will be 3 winners per category. Those with family memberships may submit one for each person. Please only enter photos that were actually taken by the person entering them. You must be present to enter or win. All winners will receive a free calendar. 1st place winners will also receive the incredible sum of $10, second $5, and the overall winner will receive $20. The overall winning picture will also be used for the calendar cover. Only two winners per family will be allowed.

Find those winning photos or start taking them!