List and Description of APS Board Positions.10-14-2015

                   Austin Pond Society Board Positions and Job Description

Oversees the general operation of the Austin Pond Society: As written in bylaws
Secretary- Records the business of the APS and maintains records required by the State of Texas: As written in bylaws
Has fiduciary responsibility for all APS funds: As written in bylaws
The parliamentarian shall also serve as the compliance officer: As written in bylaws
Programs/Special Events–    Searches and secures speakers and programs of interest for the general membership meeting:
Identifies pond and water garden related sources for programs
Makes contact and schedule speakers, explaining our interest and what audio/visual equipment is available for their use
Plans periodic interactive programs dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas among the attendees at the general membership meeting.
Plans and oversees events outside the regular monthly meetings.
Plan and coordinate special “members only” events throughout the year.
Plan and coordinate trips, outings and other activities, not necessarily pond related, for the purpose of socializing and building relationships with the APS.
Membership- Maintains list of members, sends renewal notices, maintains membership roster and   collects/deposits membership dues.
Creates and supplies name tags at each meeting, reports to board number of members at reg meeting.
Pond Tour Director-  Oversees and coordinates all activities related to the annual pond tour:
Sets up committees to handle volunteers, publicity, ticket sales, program printing, t-shirt design and purchase.
Selects appropriate ponds and works with pond owners to insure compliance with rules and acceptability of the ponds (no outlawed plants etc.)
Coordinates the world famous SPLASH! party.
Publicity-  Places advertisements, issues press releases and coordinates media exposure:
Handles major publicity for Pond Tour by placing notices, article and sending press releases to local media.
Serves as the “face and the voice” of the Pond Society for TV and radio exposure.
Places advertisements and issues press releases throughout the year as necessary.
Hospitality- Provides refreshments at general membership meetings / SPLASH! and when requested for special events.
Sets up food and beverages prior to the meeting time.
Replenishes serving pieces when necessary/ works within our APS budget.
Cleans up and puts kitchen back to proper order.
Webmaster-  Maintains the APS website/Facebook
Adds and deletes content as necessary.
Monitors Pond Tour ticket sale through the website.
Librarian – Maintains the APS book and periodical inventory:
Makes available APS book for lending and tracks the users of these loaned materials-purchase new items.
Photographer/Historian- Captures the activities of the APS through photographs or video:
Attends meeting, events and gatherings and takes formal and candid photographs.
Makes photographs available  the webmaster.

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