The Marketplace Items for Sale, Swap or Free.

Small Waterfall Unit with filters
Asking Price $50.00
Small Skimmer Box
Asking Price $40.00
Still has remnants of the existing pond liner attached
Oase Pond-o-Vac Classic pond vacuum cleaner. Works well and in very good condition.
Asking price $50.00 OBO. Brand new, this vacuum costs $260.00
16 gallon LED Biocube aquarium along with a container full of aquarium stuff
Asking price $100.00
All prices are negotiable. Contact is Frank Allcorn and he can be reached 512-657-5133 or

Welcome to The Marketplace

    • Are you thinking about closing your pond. Do you have surplus pond or garden equipment that you would like to swap, sell or just plain ole giveaway?

  • The Austin Pond Society has created this page on the website for the benefit of anyone that may be looking for used pond equipment. We are calling it The Marketplace. This is where you the members and others that have pond equipment that they would like to sell, swap or giveaway, can post those items. Items cannot be posted directly to the site and all requests will go through the Webmaster.

    Items can be anything pond related especially used pond equipment as long as it is in a workable condition. Although there are no restrictions on fish or plants, it should be noted that the Austin Pond Society offers free fish and plants throughout the year and in all probability, these items will probably not sell but can be given away.

    Upon completion of the form below which is required to describe the objects for sale with attached pictures (not mandatory), the articles will be posted on the website. Please note: Any dealings that take place are between the seller and the buyer. The Austin Pond Society will not be responsible in case of any disagreements or problems after the sale. Please read the full disclaimer posted on the bottom of the form page.

    In order to take advantage of this opportunity and to show others what it is that you have to offer, fill out the form and hit the submit button and a member of the Austin Pond Society will contact you.

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