N-1 Matt

The layout of this backyard takes perfect advantage of the slope of the lot, creating a beautiful yard that evokes a woodland meadow, complete with driftwood, pine trees, flowering plants and a bog filter that mimics a spring bubbling out of the ground. The bog features a big cowboy boot (so you’ll know you’re in Texas!) and spills over into a stream and then into a 1,000-gallon pond that large Koi call home. Kids will love to see that the Koi swim right up to the edge of the patio, ready (and convenient) for feeding. Take the bridge across the stream to the seating area at the top of the yard. Spend some time exploring all the plants in the landscape around the ponds. Look for the way Matt incorporates herbs and other plants, making them an integral part of the natural landscape.

Amusing story about this pond: Matt built it for the original owner several years ago. He was given no specific directions – just a budget and a request to incorporate pine trees that had been brought from California. So he built what he would have envisioned as his own backyard. When the owners recently moved, Matt bought the house, so now it is his backyard! This one is not to be missed.