Up to Date News of the 2015 Pond Tour

News from BJ.

Well, it’s May and planning for the Annual Tour is almost complete. We’re hoping that this will be the best tour ever with a great site having been chosen for the Central Texas Gardener interview. On the tour this year there are also five other ponds that have been featured on CTG  in the past; four are available on YouTube. (Go to Central Texas Gardener and type in the last names: Wernli, Ronga, McGarraugh, Froelich-Ortner.)

Along with some of the perennial favorites, we have 10 ponds that are on the tour for the first time. Also, this year we are really being billed as a Pond and Garden Tour so expect to see some great landscaping and unusual plants.The pond that will be on the KLRU interview on May 23 belongs to Alicia and Paul and is in Liberty Hill. That property is just fabulous; there’s so much to see. It starts with the pond and sitting area; there’s a great greenhouse and a beautiful little herb garden. The show stealers this year will be the two goats and their wonderful house which is cord wood construction. Oh,but then there’s the new swimming hole that is part of the creek that flows behind the property.  So take a drive to the country you won’t be disappointed.

While you’re in that part of the country, be sure to go to John and Denise’s off 1431. They have three disappearing streams and they’re undoubtedly the largest ever seen on the tour. Close by, there’s another site that has the most incredible view of the Hill Country that I’ve ever seen. Speaking of large, on the south side of town, Dan and Paula have put in a new 30,000 gallon pond that’s big enough to scuba dive in. As in the past, we have a large and small ponds, owner-built ponds and professionally built ponds with Koi, goldfish, water lilies and lots of wonderful waterfalls. It’s going to be a great tour.

If you’d like free admission, remember to contact Jeannie to volunteer. You will get two days of the tour (apart from your shift time), a free T-shirt and the SPLASH! Party. For all of that, you will only have to work one four-hour shift.

This year the Austin Police Operation Blue Santa will be our beneficiary so come to the night-time pond and support this worthy cause. There will be a blackjack table with a professional croupier and all proceeds will go to Blue Santa. Win or lose, it should be a lot of fun; there will be lots of food and music and a lot of nice people. A real Austin happening! Hope to see you there.

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