Archived 2016 Pond Tour

The Austin Pond Society has just completed it’s 22nd Pond Tour over the weekend of June 4-5 with the Ponds on the South side of Austin showing on Saturday and the North side on Sunday. Altogether, there were 25 ponds on display with 2 of the ponds also open in the evening to show off the effects that clever lighting can do. The ponds ranged in size from a few hundred gallons to monster ponds of 30,000 gallons or more which also included the largest ever waterfall that the Pond Society has had on any tour, a monster of over 40ft tall.
Although the weather was a bit of a dampener with the constant threat of rain, the Tour was well attended. Our thanks go out to the Austin Pond Society organizers and the many volunteers that it took to make this an outstanding event.
To view pictures of each of the ponds, click on the name of the pond LISTED BELOW which will take you to the site where the pictures are stored. Some of the ponds are grouped together. Others are a single report.The date next to the pond number indicates that the link is live.